Bank appraisals are not completed for consumers and home buyers.

Bank appraisals are not completed for the benefit of consumers. They're owned by the bank and used for their collateral risk decisions. Make sure to order your own appraisal when buying a home or investment property.

Important Information!!!

Major changes are taking place in the way many banks verify property values for mortgage loan approvals. Some lending institutions may not order an appraisal.  They will rely on algorithmic automated valuation models or “AVMs” for their risk assessment.

“Although there may be some ancillary consumer benefit to a bank-ordered appraisal, the reality is that, in real estate transactions, the appraisal is not ordered for the benefit of the consumer, but rather, for the benefit of the lender. Consumers may, and are often advised to, obtain an appraisal for their own use as outlined in the Purchase and Sale agreement.”American Bankers Association  

Consumers and investors should stop relying on a bank’s appraisal to make a purchase decision.

Don’t overpay for the property; it’s too easy to do in “heated” markets! Make sure your investment calculations are accurate. Get a complete neighborhood analysis that can’t be provided by an “AVM”.

Get the big picture from a local market expert that is not commission based and acts as an unbiased third-party to protect your interest in the transaction.

Tell your real estate agent and lender, I need to “Find My Appraiser” and order my own appraisal.