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Jonathan Miller

Jonathan Miller is one of the most visible appraisers in America.

Housing analyst, real estate appraiser, podcaster/blogger, non-economist. CEO of Miller Samuel, and professor of market analysis at Columbia University.

In addition to his appraisal and consulting work at Miller Samuel since co-founding it in 1986, Jonathan has provided housing perspectives for many US markets through his quarterly Elliman Report series. He is the author of the widely-read weekly Housing Notes newsletter, providing neutral real estate market and appraisal insights.

Miller holds the Counselors of Real Estate (CRE), Certified Relocation Professional designations (CRP) and is state certified in New York and Connecticut. He was named the “Best Online Real Estate Expert” by Money Magazine and declared the “Most Trusted Man in NYC real estate” by The Observer. He serves on the New York City Mayor’s Economic Advisory Panel and is a Professor at Columbia University, teaching market analysis for their master’s program.

Mr. Miller is well known for his knowledge insights on US and regional housing markets. He is relied on by the media, financial institutions, and government agencies, including the Federal Reserve, HUD, FHA, IRS, and others.

He brings information on these issues through print and digital media, including the New York Times, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Reuters, AP, CNN/Money, CNBC, ABC, The Real Deal, and others.


Phil Crawford

Phil Crawford is “The Voice”. For more than five years Phil has brought us all the very popular appraiser based podcast…Voice of Appraisal. Always energetic and never boring, the show provides top analysis of real estate trends and issues that affect appraisers nationwide. Mr. Crawford’s no-nonsense approach to economics, real estate, banking, and politics creates a cutting-edge program that brings insight into the appraisal profession that is seldom heard.   His monthly Crawford Reports are integral to macro reporting in today’s regulatory environment.  Very few people have influenced the appraisal profession like Phil.  He is a third-generation certified general real estate appraiser from Cincinnati, Ohio. He is the director and benefactor of the extremely successful Appraiserfest National conference and is the founder of the Real Estate Appraiser’s Cancer Support Fund. Phil is an economic “junkie” and is always offers an “appraiser’s perspective” on economic policy.

Lori Noble

Changing a culture requires a movement, not another law or rule. For companies and individuals who seek positive change toward success, transforming the cultural mindset is often the most difficult part of the revolution. As a constant observer of micro and macro-financial regulation and economics, Lori brings real-life and real-time evidence of the paradigm shift taking place. When most believe movements start with a call to action, Lori shows us that movements begin with emotions….. but instead of our emotions, the emotions of those we wish to influence. Lori heavily focuses on collective mindfulness and the positive behavior of people with a shared perception of how things should be done. She explains how the most powerful movements come from social movements. Despite differences between organizations and enterprises, leaders can learn from others and inspire a culture of positivity and success in real estate valuation consultation.  Lori is a West Virginia appraiser mentor and SRA designated member of the Appraisal Institute. She serves on the Board of the Relocation Appraisal Council (RAC) and a member of the Appraisal Foundation Advisory Council, she earned her Bachelor of Real Estate Studies from Forbes School of Business. Lori also developed education for the Appraiser’s Economic Forum (AppraiserFest) and appraisal education director at a Noble Education.

Pat Turner

He is known as “The Gladiator Appraiser” and the Commonwealth of Virginia’s license number 0004.   Former regulator and president of the Virginia Coalition of Appraisers, Pat Turner is fierce and fearless and brings simple knowledge and information to consumers in a way that’s easy to understand. Pat graduated from the University of Richmond and raised his family on his real estate appraisal career. With skilled lecturing and real estate knowledge in investment property and short sales, Pat brings the most current real estate market conditions to front and forward. Pat also participates in the regulatory and legislative matters in the state of Virginia and on the Hill in Washington, DC. His charismatic ways earn him high regard to our legislators by bringing simplicity to the message and standing for what is right for consumer citizens. His words are sincere and entertaining.

Jamie Owen

He is the nicest appraiser in America.

Jamie began his career as a real estate appraiser in 1998. He is a Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser and is the owner of Aspen Appraisal Services in Ohio.

Jamie is known as the “Man of Values” as the host of his popular consumer facing appraisal podcast called Home Value Stories.

He works as a full time independent fee appraiser and has a diverse client base that includes lenders, real estate agents, home owners, investors and attorneys.

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